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----> READ "a folder called MIMI" at/on/in The Capilano Review web folio. Excerpt below.
A fragmentary text exploring loss and intimacy.
New Physicalities prize winner. Vancouver, Canada. 2020.

----> READ the full text "Send Prayers" on This is Public Parking. Excerpt below.
A brief exchange with LA based artist David Horvitz. A contemplation of value, time, techonology,
and "prayer" in the midst of the pandemic. 2020.

----> READ the full review "Tourist" on Canadian Art. Excerpt below.
Written in response to Young Joon Kwak's show at the Walter Phillips Gallery in Banff, Canada. 2018.

----> READ the full text "For Example" on Art Viewer. Excerpt below.
Exhibition text for Tristan Unrua's show at Towards Gallery in Toronto, Canada. 2018.

----> GET "Mountain Moves" the Critical Art Writing Ensemble publication.
Available at Read Books and Brick Press in Vancouver.

----> READ "Bony Labyrinth" below.
Exhibition text for Bony Labyrinth, a collaborative project with sound artist Michelle Helene Mackenzie
exploring the capabilities of ceramic space to hold and create music.
First shown as a part of Mushroom Honey or Honest Work in Richmond, Canada.

----> READ "Winking at the Hand" below. Exhibition text for installation at The Pole, Den Haag.

Ryley O'Byrne